Digital C-­prints, 2013    

“On paper” is an ongoing series of archival prints that investigates the tension between physical and digital aesthetics by manipulating paper textures. Each piece is created through a multi­step process that shifts repeatedly between the analog and digital iteration of a particular jpeg:

1. An image of paper texture is found online (i.e:grungetextures.com).

2. The jpeg is printed on different sheets of paper (varying in grades of pulp and shades of white).

3. Each print is scanned.

4. In photoshop,the paper texture image is sectioned in equally­sized strips that are mixed­and­matched to recompose the original image.

5. The resulting digital collage is printed on a variety of 42” x 72” archival papers (i.e. Cotton Gloss, Satin, Photo Matte…)

This convoluted process echoes the absurdity at play in skeuomorphs, “an element of design or structure that serves little or no purpose in the artifact fashioned from the new material but was essential to the object made from the original material”,and explores our irrepressible attraction to palpable objects. It also reveals the infinite possibilities embedded within a single digital file. Rather than emphasizing the dichotomy between the physical and digital realms, “On paper” explores the alluring complexity that questioning and collapsing the two can engender.