"Condition: Used"
Paper models, digital photography, custom website

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"Condition:Used" gathers bits and pieces of intimate spaces found online to create domestic scenes made out of paper. The pieces of furniture comprising these uncanny miniatures are replicas of items for sale on eBay: The listings’ images were transformed into printable/foldable paper templates, assembled to form intricate scenes, photographed, and displayed on the "Condition:Used" website. The visitors can click on each element in the dioramas to get a detailed view and a screenshot of its original eBay page. They are also invited to download and print any of the templates to create their own “paper doll house”.

Buying and selling platforms such as eBay are treasure troves of furniture and trinkets that make up our private dwellings. These items for sale online occupy an interstitial space in several ways: between owners, between physical and digital, and between personal and public. "Condition:Used" extends this liminal state by capturing these tables, chairs, lamps and carpets during their short sojourn online, transforming them into tangible objects, and providing a photographic archive of their eBay listing (which eventually becomes unretrievable from eBay’s server).

Condition:Used was a 2014 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.